Monday, November 29, 2010

Pattern for Hanger Covers

As promised, here is the simple pattern for the hanger cover (upper left). You'll need a J crochet hook and a ball of yarn -( leftover from a project works fine). I got 8 covers from a new 8 oz. mutiple color skein! The hangers should be wooden with a wire hook at top but they are hard to come by so I found a pkg of 8 hard recycled material coat hangers at K Mart, as above, which work just as well. They are a little longer but excellent for those heavy winter coats!
To begin chain 60, dc in the 3rd chain from the hook and dc 5 more dc in that same chain.
Skip a st in the long chain and slip 1 st in the next chain st, sk another st then dc 6 st in the next chain st. - this pattern is repeated throughout and continued around the end sts doing 12 dc in the end one and along the other side to the last stitch, doing 12 dc there also . See the small image above for a close up of the end.
Make 2 of these and place back to back. Wih same or contrasting yard you're going to begin in the edge of the very center (where hook is) of the two pieces to form the pocket for the hanger to be inserted.
Make a loop on your hook and push through the center stitch chain and pull up a loop (slip stitch) continue to do this all around the pieces, binding them together until you come to the other end. At this point insert the hanger (if you go beyond this end you won't be able to get the hanger inside. Not continue to do the same with the hanger inside. It's a little awkward to hold but it can be done. Slip stitch to the center hook which completes the pocket! Tie your threads off and tuck any loose threads inside. Cut 2 15" pieces of yard and weave around the bottom of the hook and tie in the bow.
They crochet fast - and you can tie them up 3 in a bundle for a little gift - after you've checked your own closet for a few.
Let me know if the instructions are clear - it's my first time writing our instructions.
the kardlady

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