Monday, November 29, 2010

It's the holiday season

I hope you all had a nice holiday season. I apologize for the absence of my presence - things havent been so good the past few weeks trying to reduce the meds

I've never known something as difficult to get through, in my 70 years! But then I've never taken narcotics before! At this point I think I'm half way through being finished with them. The strongest is gone but the percoset doesn't give up easily. The Dr. gave me a barbituate now to get me though the percoset, and the barbituates make me lose control - legs, bladder, etc.. The good part is -I've not had any more diahrea or vomiting from the percoset reduction - that was the purpose of the barbituate !

I will go for an xray within 2 weeks to see if the little cage inserted in my back to hold the 3 vertebrae together is still in place. The instructions were - NOT TO BEND AT THE WAIST!
However - things happen. Mostly, I did not bend the waist but found other ways to get to the floor - like on my knees - or doing a lunge - and a few times I just pain forgot and down I went! So I'm hoping everything is still in place !

As for inspirati0n - I've been told "you're an inspiration" - but let me tell you I don't feel like I'm inspiring most of the time! I'm not one to just sit around and recover.

I've been crocheting hanger covers for those delicate items in the closet so they don't get marks where the shoulders are. I love them. Thought since I can't get out to buy gifts, a group of 3 tied together would be a unique gift to give. I'll gather my scattered thoughts together and add the pattern to the blog here just in case you would like to try them.

Thanks for your time - and no matter what happens - look for how you can inspire or be inspired!

the kardlady

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