Friday, April 8, 2011

Another aphgan finished!

If I don't stop crocheting, I may never get my card stock finished for the upcoming season!  I finished the second aphgan  now and have begun a third one - a topper  for a Queen size bed! 

The first two were  "mile a minute aphgans" working with 2 different colors for each.   They did finish quickly, especially the second one because it called for a size P crochet hook and was worked holding 2 strands of knitting worsted together instead of one!  I had never crocheted with that large a hook before - once I got the hang of it, I enjoyed seeing the aphgan  develop so quickly -  7 panels, each 8" wide by 72" long, which I then whip stitched together!

There's something about the rhythm of crocheting that is totally relaxing for me - once I pick it up, I don't want to put it down - I get kind of lost in it.   Dinners have been getting later and later every night!  I even got my hubby interested - he accompanied me to the craft store and  helped pick the colors, and I catch him every now and then,  watching my hands fly as this very wide aphgan (220 sts)  grows in length (it will be 98x102 finished)! I always get a remark or two about how far it's come to date!

I've been creating cards in the daytime and crocheting in the evenings - and so I have accomplished a number of cards - approximately 400 (in groups of 50-60 of each design).  The problem is - I'm so far behind, I fear I may  never catch up.  By this time last year, I had more than 3000 cards individually made and was still creating up til  the week of  my  back surgery!  Now I don't have as many to do this year because I'm creating less of each design - I've cut down on the craft shows I  booked.

By the way - my back surgery was a great success!  It has surpassed my expectations!  There were times I had some discomfort because of overdoing it, but after resting , I was pain free again!  My Doctors orders were - to make my back a priority and to get in the habit of  resting when my back begins to tire - something that was foreign to me for a lot of years!  Guess that's why I had a back problem!

It does take some time getting  used to being without pain -  after working with backpain for more than 25 years!  That alone is inspiring!  I never thought I would be pain free in this lifetime!  I guess miracles can  happen if we allow them to!  I could have had surgery many years ago, but the timing  wasn't right.  This time, I had no choice  - but  I'm glad it's all behind me!  I'm finding life a joy again - doing things I haven't done in ages!

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