Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's Strange.....

It's strange how the mind works! A week or so ago I posted the images of a few cards I'd been creating - and made mention of the dimensional butterfly cards with spring flowers - and while doing so I was thinking of "Spring", when my life would be back to normal again! I'd be booking my shows for the 2011 season and preparing for my first big show which rolls around fast!
Would you believe, yesterday I began creating Easter cards for the 2011 season! Now Easter cards aren't especially big sellers - not like other holidays - but to be doing them even before Christmas is a first! I only do a few different designs for the Crafters Mall where I have a display and I also put a few in my online catalog - but it seemed kind of strange, with Halloween just around the corner, - and here I was making Easter cards!

I only thought about this today as I was putting the final touches on those Easter cards, that this is the first time in 20 years I've ever been so ahead of myself - and I conclud that it was my thinking about Spring 2011 that set it all up!
I suppose that's how our dreams and desires become reality for us! What we focus on, has got us! Of course it isn't really Spring - but my heart's in a springtime mode and that's almost the same - isn't it!
I've added two of those Easter cards here for you to view. As you can see, fall and winter may be just around the corner, but springtime can be experienced in the heart!
Thank you for your encouraging responses to my posts regarding surgery - - I appreciate hearing from you. Tuesday is my pretesting - then in less than 2 weeks I can begin to put that all behind me. I'm so looking forward to Spring - I just want to skip right over Christmas and get on with Spring!!
the kardlady

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