Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Focusing on inspiration anew

I received an encouraging email regarding inspiration this morning headed: "Fueling the Artistic Flames"! After being immersed in pills and pain the entire week, I found this to be an encouraging word:

"Do you ever have a difficult time coming up with your next project? Do you sometimes have a new product and don't know just where to go with it? It isn't always easy to go it alone, but there is lots of inspiration to be had all around you. Whether you go for a walk, meet with artistic buddies, or turn to your favorite magazines like ClothPaperScissors, inspiration can be found all around you!" How true!

I've spent much down time the past weeks but none of it was without inspiration - if not from friends, or from peering through the window at the beauty of Mother Natures garment as the season changes to Autumn, it was from paging through some of my favorite craft magazines! Inspiration can be found all around us! Ideas for new cards abound for my online catalog!

Life's too short not to spend it on what inspires and encourages us onward! Life is inspired and for all to enjoy - the only thing needed is our awareness!

the kardlady

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