Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Recently I've created a few new Kalico Kards to add to my catalog online! While my focus is on creating cards, my mind is off the pain. Here are a few of the cards: I did three different dimensional butterfly cards - each with different spring flowers - and while doing them, "Spring" was on my mind - looking to the time when things will be back to normal again!

The fabric butterflies were cut beforehand- two for each card: one goes on the card and the second one is placed on a small piece of cardstock, cut again and glued on top of the first one just at the body, so the wings can be lifted as though the butterfly is in flight. The fabric for the garden wall already has a dimensional look about it, and I always have a stock of flowers cut and prepared for use. I'm constantly cutting fabrics -sometimes because I love the design or color, other times because I have a card already in mind for its use! I have a stash of designs cut and prepared and filed in alphabetic order according to the names I give each.

I also added this football star card to the keepsake category. It has a 2 color fabric star behind a fabric football. The colors of the star are customized to the receivers favorite teams colors. It's appropriate for the football enthusiast or player in the family - personalized with his name, it becomes a keepsake treasure he'll hang onto! There's also a baseball, volleyball, and soccer star card which can also be customized to team colors - and like all Kalico Kards, has a greeting on front and a message inside - both of which are interchangeable!

At craft shows, I'm constantly asked where I get all the ideas for my cards. Actually- the fabrics tell me what they want to be! There are so many beautiful fabrics available! Nothing lifts my spirit like a fabric shopping trip to Lititz or Lancaster, PA - a trip made 2 or 3 times a year! I also shop for fabric in between those trips at Allentown Sewing Machine - I am constantly looking for new additions to my fabric stash!

The Princess Cat is another new card in the catalog, the design is a fuzzy flannel fabric! The flannels today are so bright in color and there is a large selection of novelty fabrics available - I usually use these for animals. This one is unique and when I saw it, I couldn't wait to cut it and get it on cardstock. I placed faux pink stones on the crown to glitz it up a bit!
I guess you can see- the back pain hasn't kept me from creating - the creative process is still inspiring me. Inspiration and creativity are very healing - they lift the spirit and I have no time for self pity or to be out of sorts with others or myself.

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