Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I enjoy my quiet times each morning - rising early before anyone else to prepare myself for the day. Ever since I read Eckhard Tolle's book on "awareness", I've tried to practice awareness regularly - because "what's got your attention, has got you"!

My recent trip to the neurosurgeons office was informative as well as instructive. I not only learned what the surgery was all about but what was expected of me afterward. The doctor stressed one thing strongly - I may not bend at the waist, no matter what! I must consider my back before I do anything!

And so when I returned home, with "awareness" I tried to see just what his instructions entailed! Do you know how many different tasks require bending? From getting into your underwear in the AM to taking your shoes and socks off at bedtime - there are so many tasks that require bending!

And so, with awareness, I've been trying to come up with new ways of doing some of those tasks without bending - and I've not been too successful! It seems following this one order is key to a successful recovery, so I plan to keep on trying - using creativity to find helpful ways to do things so I don't have to bend at the waist.

If you think its an easy task, try dressing yourself without bending, or try getting the dishes, pots or dry goods out of the bottom of a cabinet to prepare a meal, or loading the dishwasher after a meal, or putting clean laundry back into the dresser drawers without bending! I'd love your input on how to accomplish some of these normal daily tasks! If you can help in any way, I would appreciate it!

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