Monday, June 14, 2010

Live life inspired . . .

Where inspiration is concerned, music has to be near the top of my list! My children were brought up with music- it's been a vital part of their lives and mine. The guitar and piano were our instruments, we had sing-alongs regularly and the guitar with song made naptimes a lot easier! We also had lots of recorded music for encouragament.

Music has continued to influence both our kids and our grandkids lives. They play piano and guitar, the drums, bass guitar, and violin. My oldest daughter also leads the early morning worship at our church every Sunday morning and inspires all, including me, with her singing.

Music inspires me - the music of my youth (the 50's and 60's) makes me feel young and alive - other music pieces send chills through me no matter how many times I hear them. Josh Grobin has a way of delivering music that makes my spirit soar - and our National Anthem in the right setting will stir me to tears, as does my daughters music choices on Sunday mornings!

Music has become such a vital part of everyones life today, so many are musically inclined or talented in voice, instruments, and their ways of arranging those 8 little notes of the scale! In itself, that is inspiring!

Depending on our choices, music can calm us, stir and inspire us, and even heal the cells of our body. Van Gogh once said "In the end, we shall have had enough of cynicism, skepticim and humbug and want more to live musically" ! Why? Because nothing is more commendable than living life inspired - whether it be music or something else!

Living life with a song in your heart inspires your heart and therefore your life - it moves you and your hands, your feet, your lips, and your voice! But don't wait. . .

"Don't die with your music still in you! " ~Wayne Dyer

Live life inspired - it's a choice we make for ourselves!

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