Friday, June 11, 2010

The purpose of inspiration . . .

I've been doing a lot of thinking about "inspiration" lately and have found that thinking about it and being moved by it are two different things. It's amazing what we attract by our focus and attention - it actually opens your mind and heart to learning more about what you focus on! Life is like a schoolroom with lessons to learn from just about everything experienced! What does inspiration have to teach us?

Whatever spirit inspires you to do, spirit will see you through!

What this means is - whatever is involved in my inspired work is not personal it's not for personal gain - it is for spirit, by spirit and of spirit who is working through me for spirits purpose!

Therefore my inspired passion - my ideas, my energy and focus, in response to being inspired, has spiritual purpose for its moving through me and that purpose remains the same - it is to inspire ! It is not to gain riches, nor is it to make me look good, or for any other material reward - it's to inspire the same spirit who dwells in all of us! Others' responses to that inspired work may make one rich, or make one look good or even reap material rewards for one, but that is a bonus and not to be expected! When expected or sought after, the inspiration disappears and we begin having to struggle to do what spirit can do timelessly, purposefully and without effort!

All I know is that when I'm working at my handmade cards, which I love doing - time is not! I am present in the moment, feeling inspired and on purpose and one with spirits creativity! It's a wonderful way to work at anything! The only work that is really involved is to remain in the flow of spirits inspiration while working!

Putting a price on what we love doing is a difficult area when your passion becomes your business! When others ask why I sell my cards for so little or tell me my cards are worth much more than I'm charging for them - something in me rebels! Only I know the benefits I reap from working on purpose - so why allow anyone or anything else to dictate what price I should charge when an inspired item is sold! I love sharing Kalico Kards with others - I give away about as much as I sell! Hearing how much others love them tells me that spirits inspired work through me continues to inspire others in the same way it inspired me to create them!

Wouldn't it be wonderful to live all of life in this way - on purpose - in spirit? I'm sure that has to be the lesson inspiration has for us! What are your thoughts? What has been inspired in you recently? I'd love to hear your story.

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