Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What's inspired you...

What's inspired you in the past week? Was there anything that motivated you to do something out of the ordinary or. . . something ordinary in an extra-ordinary way?

It's the second week in June and I've been creating Christmas cards like I usually do late spring, early summer, to add to my online catalog and for craft shows which begin in August! This really takes inspiration, especially when the temperature outdoors is 82!

I am inspired when I think of the upcoming craftshow season which begins in August - seeing the familiar faces of old customers and looking forward to meeting new ones, hearing their stories and listening to their comments as they browse my display of cards.

Because Kalico Kards have fabric designs that are cut individually and take hours to do, I am usually cutting at craft shows while selling - talking with customers and trying to discover what their card needs are! My customers are my inspiration for cresating Kalico Kards - these are the people who inspire and motivate me to do what I love! Ears open as I cut, I hear them gathered in front of my display racks, customers and friends chuckling together as they read the puns and witty messages handprinted inside my cards. I think of this as the reward I get for the hours of labor put into each design - this is the reason I love what I do!

So - what inspires you to do what you do? A thought, a word, a deed? I hope you will share it with us - add it to the comment box below - I'd love to hear your story. . .

affectionately - the kardlady

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