Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The yearning in you. . .

Inspiration is in all ways present in every living thing - even a tiny acorn is an inspiration! It doesn't make sense however until we look beneath the surface to perceive the acorns created potential! Who would know by appearances that a tiny acorn would one day be a great oak? Appearances change however when our perceptions are changed!

Along with our potental is the always and ever present yearning for that potential to be filled - a desire can't be seen, but it forms the focus of your life! However, just knowing what that yearning is within us, is inspiring!

The process of a human beings potential coming into being may not be deliberate or graceful - more like a stumbling forward through darkness - but it's worthy of our enlightened perspective, and our patience, our support and compassion! If we have an opened heart and allow it to flow through us outward, we and others are inspired by it!

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