Saturday, May 29, 2010

Life. . . .

Life is like a beach and we're like little children trying to empty the ocean into our little holes dug in the sand - and we're doing it because we see everyone doing it!

Focusing on the external carries us away in our minds - and because we're someplace else other than in the moment where life is unfolding, there is no infilling and we feel insufficient and without - like something is missing - and no matter how much we pour into that "little hole", it just never seems to feel full!

"All we seek abides in fullness - it consists in opening out a way so its imprisoned splendor may escape? -- Browning

Life is ever challenging us to BE PRESENT in the now, where it's unfolding, heart and hands opened, a ready channel for it to flow creatively, outward through us, inspiring and blessing all it touches!

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