Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Welcome, Introduction, and Theme for this Blogspot

Welcome to the Kalico Kard blogspot and my very first post!

I guess the first thing to do is introduce myself:
To many of my friends and customers I am known as "the kardlady" - a title I enjoy, but don't let limit me!

I've been hand-crafting since I was a child - beading, knitting, crocheting, dressmaking, designing and creating drapes and curtains and other home furnishings for our family and along with lots of other creative tasks! I just love taking an outdated item or something trashed and turning it into something useful! My most recent passion however- Kalico Kards - gets most of my time now! Creating them I've found, isn't just a pastime, it's my passion!

Long before I created a website for my cards, I took my them to the public locally and the cards were always received graciously! Two questions I was and still am repeatedly asked is "Did you make all of these cards yourself?" - and : "Where do you get all your ideas"?

Were it not for inspired ideas and the creative spirit within us life would be kind of dull, don't you think? Being inspired is such a joyful experience!
And so I thought it appropriate to create a blogspot where INSPIRATION is the topic of sharing!

You are challenged to share your inspiration here - something that you were inspired to create or do - and then send a link to a picture of it you have posted in an album or on your website - or just relate the task you were inspired to do and the results!
Add the link and your comment to the box below - don't be bashful - here's an opportunity to discover more!

I'm so looking forward to hearing from my readers and hope you're interested enough to return and participate as we discover more and more about the joy of INSPIRATION!

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