Monday, April 11, 2016

Humor is necessary

Wouldn't it be great if we could put ourselves in a dryer for 10 minutes and come out wrinkle-free and 3 sizes smaller?  One truth you can count on is that on the flip side of 50 a few laughs go a long way!  When I can laugh at myself life seems more joyful, more pleasant, and easier to cope with because it changes my focus.

Because I create cards, like me, my customers are also livin' on the flip side of 50 and appreciate a little light-hearted humor.  And so I've become a  collecter of  tags that say a lot in a few words.  I've divided them into categories in a notebook and frequently read them while looking for just the right one for inside a card.  My all time favorite is - "We've still got it!"  It's just a matter of remembering where we put it!  I matched this one with a long sleek black dress on a hanger that I designed. My customers seem to like it also,  it is one of their favorites.  I found the little black dress on a 6' shower curtain while visiting the bathroom of a friend and immediately knew it was a Kalico Kard!

Many times it's a little humor that saves the day!  We've  always had a bird-feeder on the big tree aside of our little cottage - the past year it was fell down from the wind and we put it back up but on the other side of the house, outside our breakfast room window so we could watch the birds.    To our surprise, we were feeding the squirrels - the poor birds would be chased and the squirrels would sit until the feeder  was empty.  This was an insult to my husband,  he's the one who  lugs the bags home
and pays for the food,  and before you know it the bucket is empty - plus, there's a big walnut tree in the yard and those same squirrels have a feast then bury the rest all over our big yard.  I know because  we've pulled and cut down so many small  walnut trees because the absent minded squirrels can't remember where they buried their nuts.  My husband has taken on the job of trying  to keep those squirrels OFF the feeder!  He has nothing better to do than wait on their arrival each morning after he fills the feeder..  All my garden tools: the broom, the mop, and whatever else may have been standing on the porch, you will find in the area of the bird feeder.  To me it's a losing battle because if we're not there 24/7,   when we return the feeder is totally empty!  But then this is my husbands entertainment each day - he actually enjoys the  battle!  It means less time for complaining, for napping, and whatever else he wants to avoid.   So if you're feeling down or bored or in need of a friend - get yourself a bird feeder!

the kardlady

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