Monday, September 24, 2012

Life can be very disappointing at times!

After 6 years online I've decided to give up my Kalico Kard website and just maintain my Etsy site!   It's not been an easy decision - I've just gone through my catalog and re sized every card in it - all 270 of them!  My choice has been considered for many months.  I've been  paying for a website that  is just eating away at my bank  account, and it's not what I planned for  6 years ago!

Etsy charges a few cents per item and does the advertising of its shops for you -  and for now that sounds like a plan!  Recently I checked the many links I thought I had, and found most of them were dead links - connected to nothing or  to something I didn't choose!  That was the the final straw.  A few faithful topsites were still operating, but most of my links have taken other options, perhaps like the one I am about to take!

I've lost my faith in the  world wide web - and will probably opt for just selling locally as I did before was established in '06.  I can honestly say it's been an experience - whether good and bad, I have learned a lot!  As for this blog - only time will tell.  I've had 12 followers since it started  and 5000 readers, but it's not done much good as far as sales are concerned.

At this point in my life, it's not as bad as it would seem for others  younger than me.  I still have 6-10 shows locally, and 3 shops that are working for me and have made many friends online, and learned many lessons I wouldn't have experienced otherwise!   I tend to be a "pollyanna" when it comes to living - one who has "pie in the sky" ideas about things - and I'll tell you: I'm not about to change  at this late date!  I still think believing is seeing!  

the kardlady

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