Thursday, December 15, 2011

The problem has been solved . . .

I've solved the problem as to  why time seems to be flying by! It was a simple deduction!    "Living  on the flip side of 50",  one gets  slower, and slower, and s l o w e r....... which  means you get less done in the same  amount of time you did before 50!  Our Christmas lists haven't changed - but we have physically!  I expect myself to get  to the bottom of the same  list in the same amount of time I always did  - and that's  impossible when you're moving at a slower pace and working on the same list!   I've been  measuring the length of my days by what I want to get done in a day, therefore  time seems to  be passing too quickly! 

Well-  the decorating is done, and the shopping is finished , and most of the baking - so I've also concluded that  three out of 5 items on my Christmas list isn't too bad when I considered there is still nine more  working days til Christmas!  One thing I've found  for sure - the post office is moving slower than I am!  I sent a package to Pam in Australia - priority mail almost 2 weeks ago, and it still didn't get there!  I'd like to know whose priority the post office is working on!
the kardlady

 PS: This is the extent of my decorating this year - our 2011"grandpop" tree (as my kids call it) is the old fashioned kind their grandfather used to put up each year - a Frasier Fir I believe.

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