Thursday, December 29, 2011

"It's a wonderful life!"

It really is a wonderful life isn't it, when you take the time to enjoy it?  I've been away from the drawing board only a few weeks, and already I can't wait to get back to  what I was wanting to escape only a few short weeks ago - creating cards - if I'm perfectly honest  with myself and my intentions and attention!

Living life on the flip side of 50 is actually  no different than living life before 50!  You may have a bit more hindsight after 50  -  but using it  for your good depends on you! If  I believe and think  life is  empty  without creating cards - it is!    When I divert my attention elsewhere , I feel  okay for a little while but then  a longing sets in again and I feel empty  until I'm filling  my creative purpose again!    Paying attention to my feelings within is  how  I know the direction to choose - and a little trust doesn't hurt   either!

the kardlady

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