Sunday, June 5, 2011

We're never too old to be inspired by something new!

Don't you just love finding a tool that's a big time saver?   I purchased  this little Sizzix Big Shot hand cranked die cut and embossing machine this week for doing some of the designs on my handmade Kalico Kards.  I love new tools - especially if they save me time!  For 21 years I've been handcutting  every design that goes onto Kalico Kards with a scissor,  and  individually embossing some of the backgrounds by hand.  The new tool so inspired me this week, I couldn't pull myself away from it!    So many new ideas, so many possibilities!

For those unfamiliar with the Big Shot machine,  it's similar to the wringer on an old  50's washing machine, only much smaller.  Big Shot's  accessories are: a platform, and  rubber, silicone and acrylic  plates (for squeezing  your chosen  material and the die cut or embossing folder between) , and a variety of available  embossing folders, and die cuts which can cut a variety of materials including fabric. 

The die cuts and embossing folders are sold separately - and you can  also use other companies products with it as well.   I've already cut 50  fabric Christmas trees in 45 minutes,  which  would have taken me 4-5 hours with a scissor.  The embossing possibilities are endless  because  you can actually make your own folders!  I've not experimented with that yet!  There are  many videos  on on both embossing and die cutters.

It's  just what I needed to move forward and  give a little different look to my products!  Just goes to show - we're  never too old to be inspired by something new!

the kardlady

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