Sunday, May 15, 2011

Update on the scam

Thought you'd like to hear" the rest of the story" re: my last post about the scam!!  The money orders did come back to the bank  - they WERE bogus as I suspected - even though the bank said they passed the test!  !  The bank advised me to put the money from cashing them  into  my checking  account, but not to use the money.

The postal money orders came back to the bank a week later  and I was responsible for that money which totalled $1973  plus $12  for their return -  the price I paid for falling for the scam!  Some laughed when I told them - but any  lesson learned is no  laughing matter!  Had I mailed the money off to the address in the email I received, I would have been out of more than $2000 which I didn't have!

Do you have a similar story?  Post it here - maybe someone can learn from yours!

the kardlady

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